Alix Angjeli for Into the Gloss

Actually, don’t call them fake—that’s a pejorative. In fact, when done well, there’s nothing fake about false eyelashes at all. For makeup artist Grace Ahn, they’re almost as essential as eyeliner. “It’s the best way to get drama, out of everything on the face,” she told us on set. And while the idea immediately summons to mind slapping a full bar of CVS lashes onto your eye with a tweezer, there are, actually, many different ways to wear false lashes. Hundreds, maybe!

Think of them like little wigs for your eyes: readily accessible, fun to swap out, and shockingly easy to apply given the reputation they command. With as studied a hand as Grace to guide the process, they’re also imperceptible. Unless you’re going for unbridled glamour. And there’s an option for that, too:


The Classic Top Lash

Just dipping our toes in for now with a clean, curled, elegant set on the top lashes—drugstore favorite Kiss Looks So Natural in Poise, with a little MAC Coffee Liner over top to blend everything in. Those products, plus Glossier Balm Dotcom and some Cloud Paint in Dusk, are all you see at work here. The genius is in the nuance of this lash, which features an ever-so-slight uptick that reads more like perfect lashes than false ones. Congrats: you’re officially a lashionista (fun term coined by the Kiss brand) and this is only the beginning.
Alix wears an ALC coat, Clare V. bag, and Jennifer Fisher earrings.


The Subtle Set

Yes, it’s possible. According to Grace, the key is individuals—and it comes as no surprise she chooses Ardell, the Official Single Lash of Into The Gloss. They run a tad straighter than most, and are the go-tos for Bianca Balti, Lindsay Ellingson… Do you see the pattern, and is it OK to move on?
Alix wears a 3.1 Phillip Lim suit and shirt, with APC shoes and Trademark earring.


The Cat Eye

Except instead of kajal, it’s built with a halved set of Sephora Collection Flares (“They make the best ones, really high quality, and beautifully tapered,” said Grace, “and cutting them in pieces makes them a lot more comfortable to wear,”) to widen the eyes and add more interest. It’s the non-smoking section of cat eyes—fresh and weightless.
Alix wears an APC jacket and Jennifer Fisher earrings.


The Twiggy

No further description necessary. Ardell singles on the bottom, YSL Shocking Mascara on the top, mod all-over.
Alix wears a Topshop shirt and a Bario Neal necklace.


The Full Bar

Probably more of an evening look, and also probably the false lash you’re most acquainted with if you watch Bravo. It just goes to show that the Instagram lash, too, has its place in your new falsies wardrobe. The photographed ones are Sephora Plush. You can buy them here. A good enough excuse for weekend plans as any.
Alix wears a Rag and Bone jacket and Trademark earring.


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